if you ever visit to Bali, certainly no stranger to hear the word JOGER. Of course, one of the center for souvenirs or shopping in Bali is unique.Joger first is simply a kind of gallery or shop that sells various items of art and batik shops named "Art & Batik Shop Joger. But now Joger transformed as a one of the shopping that must be visited when you travel to Bali.

Joger words was taken from a combination of the owner's name is Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi with his best friend named Mr.Gerhard Seeger where the letter E was read as the word "good" or the word "economy". Joger shop was originally born on January 19 1981 with the help of close friends who donated money of U.S. $ 20,000 as a wedding gift that is now the owner of Joseph Theodorus Joger Wulianadi.

Joger for the first known by plant-frills of Joger words, whether it began when the slogan was changed to Center Typical Bali.Lokasinyazz glanced up and within easy reach is the Jl.Raya Kuta (without number) close to the Ngurah Rai airport, making Joger very well known to locals as well as international.Even some people say "no to the Bali name if it does not bring a souvenir from Joger"

Goods sold in Joger also varied and many were unik.beside that T-Shirt as a primary commodity, hats, bags, key chains, sandals, there are also unique items that may not exist in other places such as clock back, giant slippers, and lainnya.the terms of Joger building is not very wide and not less often cause congestion there because of the many car or motorcycle that you want to shop there.

iBefore entered the area in our store luggage will be checked along with our bodies by metal detector and X-Ray like a five star hotel, but be advised at Bali these days are often targeted teroris.Masuk we will look into many products such as slippers, bags, knick-knacks for young children, table decorations and the like.

Rather we enter into the next room, separated by a mini fish pond and the clothes we will be plastered with stickers that read VIP, we can enjoy the next room that contains the majority of the needs of clothing, either in the form of pants, shirt, T-shirts, hats, jackets, bags are relatively more expensive than a room  this room there is a special room to display stuff super expensive and space for special ithing to children

By: Nur Kholifah

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